Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I know I do this every time, but I can't resist...

Doo-doo doo DOO doo DOO
Doo-doo doo doo doo VANDERBILT!
Doo-doo doo doo doo doo
...yada yada...

Hope you enjoyed your 24 hours at the top, Tennessee. 'Cause we sure enjoyed ruining it.

UPDATE: Chad has provided an important list of things everyone should know about Tennessee. Important, like college basketball, in the sense that it's not important at all, but it is a lot of fun.

Song lyric of the day:
"There's a feeling that I get
When I look to the west
Having all the answers
Still failing the test"
- Nada Surf, Whose Authority

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Experience and the presidency

With all the talk of experience that has surrounded this year's presidential primaries (particularly on the Democratic side), this quote from a George Will article in today's Washington Post may summarize my feelings on it best:

The president who came to office with the most glittering array of experiences had served 10 years in the House of Representatives, then became minister to Russia, then served 10 years in the Senate, then four years as secretary of state (during a war that enlarged the nation by 33 percent), then was minister to Britain. Then, in 1856, James Buchanan was elected president and in just one term secured a strong claim to being ranked as America's worst president. Abraham Lincoln, the inexperienced former one-term congressman, had an easy act to follow.

In the wake of that observation, I may be inclined to vote for the least-experienced candidate from now until the end of time.

Song lyric of the day:
"I met my maker, made him cry
And on my shoulder he asked me why
His people won't fly through the storm
I said 'Listen up man, they don't even know you're born'"
- Oasis, D'you Know What I Mean?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Bush Hearts McCain

Just in from The Washington Post: President Bush will likely support McCain!

First of all, big shocker that the sitting president was going to support the incumbent party candidate.

Secondly, is anyone else going to find it hard to read the sure-to-be-upcoming Bush endorsement of McCain as follows: "Hey, remember me? Yeah, I'm the guy who totally pissed on your chances of being president 8 years ago by hijacking Christianity and claiming your adopted daughter was illegitimate. Um, sorry bout that, I guess. But anyway, hopefully we're cool now, because I really don't want those other guys to win. So, bros again? Sweet."

Yes, I still believe McCain was the rightful Republican nominee, and that we'd be a lot better off right now (less divided, less deficit spended to oblivion, etc.) had he been chosen instead of Dubya. Why do you ask?

Song lyric of the day:
"Cease to resist, giving my goodbye
Drive my car into the ocean
You'll think I'm dead, but I sail away
On a wave of mutilation"
- Pixies, Wave of Mutilation

Friday, February 01, 2008

What the hell does "jai guru de va om" mean?

We'll no longer be the only ones asking that question, as NASA fittingly plans to make the Beatles' Across the Universe the first song ever beamed into space.

Hopefully the intelligent life that exists elsewhere will hear it and go, "Oh, so nothing's gonna change your world, huh? Well, we'll just see about that" and then visit us, share technology, etc. Probably not, but that would be funny.

From Fark.com.

Song lyric of the day (just to be unexpected):
"You always say I'm not the kind to ask for much
To drink too much
To fall in love so easily with everyone I see
You say I can't afford to be like me"
- Pony, RadioFriendly