Friday, May 21, 2004

Water-related activities

For those of you who don't know, I'm in Fredericksburg, VA for a while. Aaron and Erica bought a boat and we plan on making extensive use of it this summer. They named it "Vagous", which is Latin for "wanderer". Today Aaron, Gary and I finished up work on the engine and took her out for a short spin. The portside engine cuts off sometimes when we pop it in neutral, but once in gear the boat runs like a dream. Anyone in the VA area should call me up and maybe we can go out on the Potomac some weekend.

In other news from the world of H20, Yaz called me and told me his aunt is letting us have her Ocean City condo for Memorial Day weekend. Yaz's friend Mike (the other Mike) will be up there with his girlfriend, and Jenny and Marie are going to go up with us too. Looks like some fun times in store!

Song lyric of the day:
"You stay you wanna stay by my side?
Darling, your head's not right"
          The Strokes, "Someday"

Thursday, May 20, 2004

My somewhat glorious return

Well, I'm back, after an extremely long hiatus. Highlights of the past few months include:
  • Getting into Rice, UVA, and William and Mary. I accepted at Rice and start in the fall.
  • Going to Europe and seeing Paris, Rome, and Berlin, among other places. Also got to hang out with Melanie in Paris, which rocked.
  • River Stages and seeing Nashville people. Unfortunately couldn't make it back for graduation.
  • Finished a few more song recordings: "How We Fell" (my rant against the religious right), "Torn Apart", and "All That I Wanted". Also started recording my own versions of songs such as "Lounge Act", "A Long December", "Today", and "Man in the Box".
  • Started a new novel. "The Rightfielder in the Pumpernickel" hit a rut; the idea is good, but I need to start over I think. So I decided to try "Standards of Learning" for the third time; I'm already farther than ever before and it seems more promising.

Anyway, that's my update for now. I'm going to try to keep this blog regularly updated. Post comments people, especially those of you without blogs. I need to know what you're up to.

Song lyric of the day:
"I have seen the others
And I have discovered
That this fight is not worth fighting"
          Dispatch, "The General"